One of the most important elements of any installation is the ongoing maintenance. There is no point investing large amounts of money on hardware and software, but then not protecting your investment with a well thought out support regime.

Esprit provides a comprehensive warranty, maintenance and support service on all hardware and software components. We recognize how screen-availability is both business critical and commercially important. Our philosophy is to only use tried-and-tested, high quality components to ensure that the number of site visits is kept as low and infrequent as possible. As a result, over the last 3 years our screens have been fully operational in excess of 99% of the total available display hours.

Any company who says that their equipment is that good it does not need maintenance is most definitely misguided. Even the most well designed solution will need some kind of human fall back. It is true that you can add features to your network to make them more automated. If Esprit are installing and maintaining a Digital Signage Network then we add items such as our IP Power Supply. This allows you to reboot any part of your system via a network, without relying on the PC itself within the unit knowing its gone wrong. We have found that 85% of all maintenance visits can be avoided using this simple solution. Spending a small amount more upfront certainly reduces the true cost of ownership of the network moving forward.

Esprit offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and also Reactive Maintenance (RM). The PPMs can be decided on at the installation of the network and would cover the various electrical safety testing that may be required ongoing and also the filter changes on the kit if required. The RM would start with our 24/7 365 Helpdesk. Esprit are able to offer this service which constantly monitors the networks and knows if there are problems before customers do. Using a series of remote services and our IP Power units we are able to keep the network going remotely and on the rare occasion where an actual site visit is required we have a team able and ready to react. We offer various SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) to our customers from a 4-hour through to a 48-hour guaranteed call out.

Our maintenance team are all IPATH certified for access and have the relevant accreditation for the installations it covers. We also offer Maintenance for third party installed equipment. If we are asked to support other manufacturers equipment Esprit carry out a thorough evaluation prior to commencement.

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