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Wafter screens are the ideal digital signage solution for you if you are looking to advertise, promote, inform, enhance, educate or entertain your customers while reducing footprint. Our wafer screen signage is a fantastic marketing tool as you can get a lot of information in front of people at your locations. Our wafer digital screens range in sizes from 5.5″- 85″ and can be custom designed if required.

These ultra-slim portable single or double-sided LCD units are designed to be installed into premium areas including airports, shopping centres, department stores and sports stadia.

The screens can be used to display a variety of content including advertising campaigns, directional signage and interactive messages. Screens can be networked together using Esprit Digital’s patented ImageFlowTM technology, delivering live content to an individual or multiple units.

The 55″ Freestanding Wafer can be Single or Double-Sided. Our wafer advertising screens come in Ultra Slim Design <80mm with a Low Power 300W Max Optional Touch Screen.

Our advertising pods can also offer directional signage, listings and bespoke in-store offers.

Key Technology Advances

Remote Content Transfer
ImageFlow™ Synchronicity
IP65/Section 12 Fire Enclosures
Heat Management

We have a dedicated team of digital signage experts who can plan and install the advertising solution that you require. We are able to install anything from single advertising screens to customised video walls and bespoke advertising installations.

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  • Maximise Viewing – Single or double sided display
  • Ultra Slim – <80mm width
  • Low Power – 300W Max Optional Touch Screen
  • Effective – with bright displays and moving content.
  • High quality – Our hardware has a long lifecycle and excellent brightness.
  • Interactive  – Touchscreen displays that customers can engage with
  • Versatile – Display a broad range of media including sound, animation, video and text.
  • Effective – Sales promotion via targeted information delivery.
  • Contemporary – Digital signage helps show a progressive company
  • Panels – 5.5” to 85” industrial grade LCD screens
  • Metalwork – IP65/Section 12 fireproof/vandal proof stainless steel enclosures
  • Heat Management – Advanced thermal dynamics keep all components inside the media module operating well within their tolerances to ensure maximum screen availability
  • Software – Full synchronisation of content allows images to ‘flow’ through the screens
  • Communications
    24/7 content delivery via ADSL, 3G or Wi-Fi
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