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Looking to get your message in front of the right people at the right time then interactive digital signage is for you.

Interactive digital signage not only attracts attention it allows you to engage with your audience with colourful, animated and meaningful content.

Interactive signage allows you to boost engagement, increase your return on investment, allow your customers find the information they are loowing for and give them a great user experience.

Touch screen technology is changing the way suppliers can interact with customers. Interactive displays gives you the power to access and display the information to the customer that they want and need in real-time. That’s the beauty of interactive digital signage! Interactive signage allow you to engage with potential customers allowing them to  search for the item or information they need and get it without waiting for a staff member or the information to show on scrolling non-interactive display.

When purchasing a product through Esprit Digital there are a number of different technologies available to enhance the customer experience.

Touch Screen: From single touch to 100 point touch

Augmented Reality: Provides a seamless overlay of virtual images on the real

iBeacon: Allows the digital signage to interact with a consumer via their mobile

QR Code: By incorporating QR Codes into the signage, live information and data can be fed to the consumer via their mobile phone

Directional Sound: Specialist speakers allow you to pinpoint exactly where you want sound heard and not heard

Video Conferencing: Ability to incorporate live video chat into the digital

Clear Space: Allows you to monitor an exclusion zone around your digital signage installation to ensure that nothing is accidentally placed in the way of your messages

Mobile to Screen Interactive Experience: Connects brands to their audience in real time using smart phone and digital screens

Near Field Communication: Wireless technology which allows the transfer of data between consumer and the unit

Audience Measurement: A technology solution to measure the impact of your out-of-home digital campaign

Facial Recognition: Adverts can be tailored to the demographics of people looking at the display

Our interactive digital signage screens can also offer directional signage, listings and bespoke in-store offers.

We have a dedicated team of digital signage experts who can plan and install the advertising solution that you require. We are able to install anything from single advertising screens to customised video walls and bespoke advertising installations.

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  • Engage – Communicate with your customers
  • Effective – with bright displays and moving content.
  • High quality – Our hardware has a long lifecycle and excellent brightness.
  • Interactive  – Touchscreen displays that customers can engage with
  • Versatile – Display a broad range of media including sound, animation, video and text.
  • Effective – Sales promotion via targeted information delivery.
  • Contemporary – Digital signage helps show a progressive company
  • Panels – 5.5” to 85” industrial grade LCD screens
  • Metalwork – IP65/Section 12 fireproof/vandal proof stainless steel enclosures
  • Heat Management – Advanced thermal dynamics keep all components inside the media module operating well within their tolerances to ensure maximum screen availability
  • Software – Full synchronisation of content allows images to ‘flow’ through the screens
  • Communications
    24/7 content delivery via ADSL, 3G or Wi-Fi
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