Digital Escalator Panels

Esprit Digital is recognised as the most ground-breaking solutions provider within the digital poster marketplace. Its unrivalled expertise in display technology led to the development of its core product, the award-winning Digital Escalator Panel, which can transform blank walls into remarkable multi-media canvasses.

First introduced over 10 years ago on the London Underground, these innovative high definition LCD panels are designed to be placed at intervals alongside escalators and travellators in subways, metro networks, rail stations, shopping centres and airport terminals.

Designed with built-in media players that can synchronise with each other, they can be networked and orchestrated to create dazzling visual effects. Images appear to pass from screen to screen, seamlessly cascading from one to the next, demanding the attention of viewers in a way that static images never could.

An infinite number of screens can be networked together using Esprit Digital’s patented ImageFlowTM technology so that the adverts appear to move with the audience. The screens are housed in stylish, but rugged (IP65/Section 12) vandal proof enclosures designed to withstand the most demanding operating environments.

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