Berkeley Homes installs digital information points throughout the One Tower Bridge development

Project Delivery Dates
29/01/2018 – 25/06/2018

Project Summary
Esprit Digital were selected to provide a set of beautifully designed digital solutions for the prestigious One Tower Bridge development which offers five-star living experience by the bank of the Thames. Esprit installed the following iterations:

• Single Sided 55” Outdoor Totem
• Single Sided 46” Outdoor Totem
• Double Sided 46” Outdoor Totem

Berkeley Homes wanted a digital wayfinding solution which complimented the existing static totems in place and so Esprit Digital designed, manufactured and installed three custom-built outdoor totems for their development. The totems help the public find key locations in Tower Bridge such as the restaurants and bars as well as displaying restaurant promotions and general information to the public.

Technical Innovation
The outdoor totems feature Samsung high bright full outdoor weatherproof screens (OH46 and OH55) with a touch IR overlay. The units are also 4G and so content can be updated remotely 24/7 through the custom-built CMS platform Esprit provided Berkeley Homes.

Esprit Digital designed these totems with the existing static signage in mind as well as noting the iconic London location they were being installed into with a backdrop of Tower Bridge. Berkeley Homes and One Tower Bridge branding has been incorporated through placement of back lit letters and logos etc. The units stand at over 2m high and are well lit both at night and during the day.

Installation took place over a couple of nights as the units were transported from Esprit’s factory direct to client site where they were placed into position and powered up.

Technical Success
Responsive outdoor interactive solutions are not easy to achieve but Esprit have successfully installed three large totems providing passers-by with information at the touch of a screen, 24/7.