Esprit Digital reveals the industry redefining technology at the heart of major new bespoke digital signage for all Westfield shopping malls in Australia

LONDON: Esprit Digital, Britain’s leading manufacturer of digital out of home displays, and Scentre Group, owners and operators of Westfield shopping centres in Australasia, are today announcing the launch of a bespoke digital signage network worth over AUS $20M that according to Bill Burton, General Manager of Scentre Group BrandSpace, “will fundamentally change the way brands can maximise the Westfield retail marketing environment.”

The Scentre Group deal is the latest international success story for Esprit Digital, a privately owned company which was commissioned to design, manufacture, install and fully maintain the network of 1380 LCD displays across Westfield’s 37 Australian sites. This is the largest international deployment undertaken by a UK Digital Signage manufacturer.

The digital network comprising of singled and double sided, floor mounted advertising pods will run on Esprit’s ground breaking proprietary hardware and software technologies. The project was completed from order to build in twelve weeks, inside a period that included Christmas and Chinese New Year. The pods were installed by a team working round the clock inside of three weeks.

Technology Highlights of Westfield SmartScreen Network

  • Displays incorporate new ‘Cortex’ technology, developed by Esprit Digital to manage the thermodynamics within each pod.
  • Each pod contains webcam technology that generates demographic data about media consumers. The technology can determine detailed information about advertising audiences including sex and age.
  • Each pod features strips of responsive coloured LEDs that change intuitively to the content on the screen in order to draw the eye of the media consumer.
  • Each unit has a sophisticated and robust failsafe system. Content is pre-loaded onto the internal memory of each display guaranteeing that appropriate content is screened 100% of the time, with absolutely no screen downtime.
  • Each unit contains Esprit Digital’s bespoke Clear Space technology – a unique monitoring system that can remotely assess if there’s any temporary obstruction in front of the unit.
  • The network operates using the new Scala Enterprise content management system.

Vital Stats of Westfield SmartScreen Network 

  • 37 sites installed in 21 nights
  • 890 pods
  • 1380 65” LCDs
  • Over 73 tons of metal
  • Over 38 tons of glass
  • In the right location DOOH advertising offers media owners over seven times the revenue of traditional print based out of home media.


The agreement follows the success of Esprit’s collaboration with Westfield in the UK, in which the company designed, built and maintains over 400 LCD displays across the Olympic Stratford City and White City sites.


Peter Livesey, Esprit Digital’s Managing Director, says: “What the Esprit Digital team has achieved with this project has surely never been done before. To install 800 units of this complexity in so many locations across a continent the size of Australia in three weeks is nothing short of a miracle. In one fell swoop we have essentially converted Australia’s premier retail environments from a traditional paper-based advertising network to a digital one – amazing! I would like to thank everyone involved, especially Westfield who have again had the vision to really push the boundaries of digital out of home advertising, and set us a truly ambitious challenge that I’m really proud to say we delivered.”


General Manager of Scentre Group BrandSpace, Bill Burton said: “The Westfield SmartScreen Network will fundamentally change the way brands can maximise the Westfield retail marketing environment. It gives them a level of quality, national scale, control and digital flexibility that they have been waiting for, enabling digital efficiency and effectiveness never before seen in Australian retail.”


“The vision of BrandSpace is to connect brand and advertising partners with our 550 million shopping visits a year, and drive energy and sales to our 12,700 retail destinations.”

With over ten years experience in the market, Esprit Digital were the inventors and pioneers of commercial digital out of home (DOOH) display solutions, famous for their industry-defining screen network on the London Underground. Previous landmark Esprit Digital projects include the installation of their Digital Escalator Panel (DEP) network at Tottenham Court Road station ten years ago, the very first of its kind in the world, and which continued to run with over 99% reliability until the station was recently closed for the Cross Rail refurbishment. This system was rolled out in 21 stations in London and then subsequently to Oslo, Vienna and Prague metros.

Esprit Digital display solutions are made in Stevenage (UK) to customer specifications, and are designed to withstand vandalism, extreme temperature, fire and water. The Westfield Australia project acknowledges Esprit Digital’s credentials as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of DOOH display solutions.