Wafer installation into Bangladesh Airport

Who Are Infinity Corporation?

Infinity Corporation is one of Bangladesh’s premier advertising agencies based in Dhaka who have all the advertising rights in Bangladesh Airport.

Infinity Corporation and Esprit Digital

Infinity Corporation came to Esprit Digital after seeing our Digital Escalator Panels on the London Underground network and wanted a similar solution for the Shahjalal International Airport.

They had never previously done any form of digital advertising in the airport and were looking for a network of eye-catching screens to impart airport information to passengers but primarily to drive advertising revenue.

The Esprit Digital Solution

Esprit Digital designed a bespoke version of our 55” double-sided ‘Wafer’ with protected, metal-edged corners and a robust, roll bar-style base protector to cope with the demands of continuous close quarters contact. In addition, Esprit Digital supplied single-sided screens to be hung above the baggage belts allowing for blue-chip, HD advertising to be viewed by a captive audience.

Esprit Digital sent out a team of in-house engineers to install 20 screens that all run the company’s proprietary ImageFlow software and they were strategically placed in areas with significant domestic and international footfall.

From initial meetings through to installation and client sign-off, the entire process took approximately four months.


The client was exceptionally happy with Esprit Digital’s expediency and service and moving forward, Infinity Corporation are currently in talks with the airport authority to expand the network of digital screens to additional areas of the airport complex.