Oslo Metro Digital Escalator Panels

Who Are JCDecaux?

JCDecaux is the largest outdoor advertising company in the world. It operates in over 50 countries and 165 airports and its advertising is seen by around 200m people every day.

JCDecaux and Esprit Digital

After a series of meetings with JCDecaux’s central digital buyers in Paris, Esprit Digital were authorised as a Digital Escalator Panel (DEP) sales company and were appointed to design and implement a DEP solution for Stortinget underground station in the centre of Oslo, located next to Norway’s Parliament building. The station has a weekly footfall of almost 200,000 passengers.

The Esprit Digital Solution

After a full site survey and the drafting of detailed plans, Esprit Digital’s technicians and engineers physically drove all 96 x 32” DEPs from their manufacturing facility in Stevenage through the night to central Oslo. They were there for a month installing the screens over four sides of the two main escalators at the station.


JCDecaux deemed the project to be a resounding success. The company then evaluated the project both from a technical and sales standpoint and since then, they have installed screens at Euston Network Rail station. In addition, plans are afoot for an installation at King’s Cross and JCDecaux are in advanced talks with a major rail terminal at one of Eastern Europe’s most popular destinations.

‘We have received a very good response from the market on our investment, not to mention that it will be exciting to see more tactical use of the outdoor advertising market. The new creative ways in which this medium can be exploited is very interesting. Advertisers have the opportunity to hone their campaign messages, not to mention taking their message one step further than static posters. Here, relevance is key to good communication. We believe that advertisers on the DEP will be a mix of local, national and international advertisers’ says

Øyvind Markussen, Managing Director, JCDecaux Norge AS.