Heathrow Express DEP, Lift and Walkway Panels

Opened in 1998, the Heathrow Express is a high-speed rail link between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport. Journey times to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 is 15 minutes and an additional six minutes for the new T5. With 150 daily trains, over 6m national and international passengers use the Heathrow Express annually.

Heathrow Express and Esprit Digital

Heathrow Express (HEX) wanted to build on their existing digital network and guarantee that every HEX passenger had access to digital signage.

In order to capture their audience, a project brief was put into place to ensure continuous viewing throughout the network as well s into the airport itself.

The Esprit Digital Solution

This project represented Esprit Digital’s first full service installation and was in effect a turnkey solution taking in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Part one of the project was to retro-fit 68 x 22” screens into 17 lifts, working with the existing lift technology and looking at how the lifts operated to evaluate the best and most efficient method of installation.

Part two was to design, manufacture and install 70 x 22” screens up two sets of escalators in a similar method to the London Underground screens.

Part three of the project represented Esprit Digital’s most complex work to date. A series of 30 x 32” screens were to be installed along the walkway between terminals two and three and Esprit Digital’s team of designers and engineers, working alongside HEX’s design team had to come up with a solution to redesign the entire area, including manufacturing bespoke metal panelling for the new corridor.

Conforming to strict regulations, all screens are IP65-rated (rated as ‘dust tight’ and protected against water projected from a nozzle) and were designed bespoke as per the project brief laid out by the HEX executive team.


The total of 168 screens generates a large amount of advertising revenue for BAA and has managed to capture every passenger arriving at Heathrow Airport from the Heathrow Express for their onward journey.

In addition, BAA is evaluating the installation of additional screens at their other airports across the country.