EYE Baggage Belt Pods

Who Are EYE Out of Home?

EYE is Australia’s largest advertising contractor. The company started in 2000 and now operate

internationally in New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK and the USA. They have the advertising rights for Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports.

EYE Out Of Home and Esprit Digital

EYE came back to Esprit Digital after the resounding success of the EYELITES project. The company issued a tender for digital signage at all three of the abovementioned airports and against very stiff competition, Esprit Digital won.

There were certain, specific requirements in the tender document but Esprit Digital made a series of recommendations outside of the tender that EYE liked and took on board. IN addition, EYE visited Esprit Digital’s manufacturing facility and were suitably impressed.

EYE was looking for a high-impact digital signage solution to be placed on all 34 baggage carousels at the three airports that conformed to UK Border Agency regulations.

The Esprit Digital Solution

Using double-sided 84” 32:9 NEC screens with backlit lightboxes, Esprit Digital custom designed and built the stainless steel housing and mounting structure for each individual airport’s carousels. In addition, ED added two digital end boards for use by the UK Border Agency to display customs information while the middle screens were used purely for advertising.

Esprit Digital’s technicians worked with EYE’s installers but needed to work very quickly as the baggage carousels are in continuous use. Each install was completed overnight and each signage solution needed to be low maintenance as any further work disrupts the flow of the airport and can cost significant amounts in compensation.


Working together, EYE and Esprit Digital came up with an engaging, coherent design that maximises the potential of the often lengthy dwell times and the high quality captive audiences in baggage halls (Gatwick – 18m passengers annually, Stansted – 9.5m passengers annually, Manchester – 10m passengers annually).

‘We looked at other solutions around the world before deciding on a unique design that we are confident will engage passengers for many years’ said EYE’s UK General Manager John Rankin. He continued, ‘Esprit have proven to be an excellent partner and we will be working with them on future projects’.