Interactive screens

When purchasing a product through Esprit Digital there are a number of different technologies available to enhance the customer experience.

Touch Screen: From single touch to 100 point touch

Augmented Reality: Provides a seamless overlay of virtual images on the real

iBeacon: Allows the digital signage to interact with a consumer via their mobile

QR Code: By incorporating QR Codes into the signage, live information and data can be fed to the consumer via their mobile phone

Directional Sound: Specialist speakers allow you to pinpoint exactly where you want sound heard and not heard

Video Conferencing: Ability to incorporate live video chat into the digital

Clear Space: Allows you to monitor an exclusion zone around your digital signage installation to ensure that nothing is accidentally placed in the way of your messages

Mobile to Screen Interactive Experience: Connects brands to their audience in real time using smart phone and digital screens

Near Field Communication: Wireless technology which allows the transfer of data between consumer and the unit

Audience Measurement: A technology solution to measure the impact of your out-of-home digital campaign

Facial Recognition: Adverts can be tailored to the demographics of people looking at the display

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